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UNSAFE by s.legg

by s.legg
July, 2016

"The motivation for this show s.legg received a couple years ago when he was riding a motorcycle. s.legg recalls the story: "I pulled up next to a Volvo waiting at a stop light. The windows were down and there was a very young girl, securely strapped to her safety seat, in the back of the car. It was a long light and while we were waiting, this tiny person met my gaze, and in a very stern voice said, "That's dangerous!". I could see Mom looking on with an approving smile from the driver's seat. I looked down at my motorcycle, then back at the small child and replied, "That's what makes it fun." She paused a moment to consider my statement, and then thoughtfully responded with an understanding, "Ohhhhhh". At that point in our exchange, all the windows in the car suddenly went up as her Mom pulled the Volvo forward as far as she possibly could, effectively putting an end to any further discussion." s.legg is asking the viewer to keep the windows down while you experience the show.

slegg Originally from Boston, Steve Legg came to Colorado via South Florida 2004. His work has been shown in Miami, Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale and here in Denver.

Legg's artwork has evolved from what we call "anecdotal photography", into photographic assemblages, video, indoor/outdoor installations, performance art, and sculpture in the round. His ultimate goal is to see himself and everything around him with complete objectivity, and to create art from that standpoint.

Preferring the non-genderized title of "s.legg", he has just complete a year in which he didn't speak and instead just watched and recorded everything he observed. Most of his artwork as well as the following excerpt, are some of the products of those 12 month in silence. "3/21/14 I will no longer be male or female, black or white, homosexual or heterosexual, Chinese or American, Catholic or Buddhist, left or right. These labels imply beliefs in specific ideologies. Ideologies, rule books and preconceptions are intellectually lazy ways of confronting the world. Subjective labels and categorizations need to be replaced with objectivity and empathy. I must try to see everything and everyone from all viewpoints and contexts, not just my own."

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