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Show April/May 2014

A Stereoscopic Video Installation | The Deep Novelty<br>
 Harvest Colony by  Andrew Elijah Edwards


The Deep Novelty Harvest Colony
Andrew Elijah Edwards

A Stereoscopic Video Installation

The Deep Novelty Harvest Colony, a new video installation by Andrew Elijah Edwards, explores the medium of stereoscopic imagery through a range of new experimental techniques unique to the modern condition. Each imaging device within the installation holds a library of three dimensional spaces, and navigates stereo pair images depicting small moments of the world in its stillness. By accentuating the stereoscopic angles involved in the photography, widening the natural eye distances, the spaces take on a hyperreal quality as if carved out of reality itself. These spaces, while at times sitting silently within themselves, begin to exhibit emergent phenomena, bits of stereoscopic animation act as a sort of wildlife, composed of stereo collage, video, hand drawn and stop-motion animation.

Edwards' work is often an exploration into a kind of existential sensuality, a deep curiosity with the act of being aware and the strange beauty inherent in the felt presence of immediate experience. Growing up in northern New Jersey, he moved west to study film and digital art in Santa Fe New Mexico. Now in Denver, Edwards works as Lead Developer in Technology at the Denver Art Museum and is a graduate student at the University of Denver's Emergent Digital Practices program. The work on display in "harvest colony" is part of his thesis research project and represents the culmination of his degree.

Westword on the Upcoming Show by Kyle Harris

Andrew Elijah Edwards Andrew Elijah Edwards Andrew Elijah Edwards Andrew Elijah Edwards Andrew Elijah Edwards Andrew Elijah Edwards