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Sabin Aell, Nina Ghanbarzadeh and John McEnroe

Cosmic Dream Pictures a project of HINTERLAND

HINTERLAND will be exhibiting at Miami Project at the Deauville Beach Resort during Art Basel Miami week, December 1-6, 2015.

"Cosmic Dream Pictures" is a project of HINTERLAND and will feature four artists: Sabin Aell, Nina Ghanbarzadeh and John McEnroe.

Don't think stardust, think frontier! Cosmic Dream Pictures is a bold space walk, that reaches out into the wider universe, seeking the edge of what is possible as artists. Special thanks to Sue Cannon and Cannon enterprises for their generous support. Booth M4 at Deauville Beach Resort, 6701 Collins Avenue, Miami, FL 33141

Miami Project, Mimai Art Basel


Juried Group Show

Opening Night Friday November 13, from 6-11pm
1st Friday Reception December 4, from 6-10pm
Show will run from November 13 - December 4, 2015

‘Make. Do.’ is a showcase of young artists working in the denver community who expanded upon the idea of arte povera to make work. Each piece alludes to the lives and hands of the artists. As a continuum of arte povera, the works highlight the use of simple and recognizable materials and objects to explore different concepts, methodologies and processes. The work featured in the ‘make. Do.’ exhibition is juried by artist, gallery owner and director Eric Dallimore, artist and current host at the Clyfford Still museum Diego Rodriguez-Warner and curator and art historian Petra Sertic.

Frizzell_Anachronism rmcad zoomresiduum


Jenny Fillipetti


Opening Night Friday December 11, from 6-11pm
1st Friday Reception January 1, from 6-10pm
Show will run from December 11 - January 1, 2015

Interfascia is about edges, boundaries, membranes. The hazy borders between organism and environment; the sites of nerves and mouths and pores and cell membranes where perception transpires and molecules mix. Where we are all becoming: exchanging atoms; affecting and being affected by the people, animals, plants, and objects around us. This body of interactive work transforms Hinterland into a living space where even the tiniest of our actions have visible creative power. Here, the rhythm of your breath is translated into intensities of line and form, your movement into patterns of light; and plants, people, and objects all exist in intimate circles of interconnection. Your presence at the show will also be the seed for a future series of artworks, to be perceived by other eyes, ears, and skin cells.

Jenny Filipetti is New York-born, Denver-based electronic media artist and educator. Her work involves the use of digital technologies to capture the ephemeral and render the imperceptible visible. In interfascia she explores the union of traditional ceramics with digital fabrication processes including 3D printing and CNC milling.

breath-vessel-additions data-movement-study