17532 Hwy 8
Morrison CO, 80465
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Hinterland has moved and is in the process to become NEW Hinterland. We bought a property in Morrison and are going to teleport art up into the foothills.

Only 20 min from Downtown Denver an old barn will transform into an exciting art- event- space - NEW HINTERLAND.

new-hinterland-1 new-hinterland-1

The remodel will start next spring. It will be very elaborate: the electric has to be replaced, plumbing has to be added, plus insulation, a new roof, the roof rafters have to be re-engineered and rebuild, etc. It will be probably 2 years before we can reopen. We are planning to support the project with a crowdfunding campaign. The more money we are able to raise the earlier we can reopen.

We would like to add an artist in residency program. The space will also be available for seminars or small events.

Meanwhile we will start off next year with outdoor installations and sculpture.

Thank you so much for all your support over the last 9 years. Stay tuned for updates!