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Albicker + Baribeau


Opening October 16, from 6-11pm
1st Friday November 6, from 6-10pm
Show will run from October 16 - November 6, 2015

Part of the human experience is searching for meaning in life. People achieve this in different ways including: sports, travel, socializing, volunteering, adventures or shopping, some choose to create. Art provides the receptacle to express the intersection between the intellect and intuition and this process reinforces the evolution of accepting what it is to be human. It is through this process that we achieve a greater connection to those around us and to who we are. While the approach of this work is opposed; the commonality is in the value of making. This body of work expresses a sampling of observations from nature and life experiences retold in art making using paper, ink and clay.

Albicker + Baribeau Albicker + Baribeau

Jenny Fillipetti


Opening December 11, from 6-11pm
1st FridayJanuary 1, from 6-10pm
Show will run from December 11 - January 1, 2015

breath-vessel-additions data-movement-study