3254 Walnut St.
Denver CO, 80205
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Nirmal Raja and Nina Ghanbarzade


Opening Night Thursday August 20, 6-11pm
1st Friday Reception September 4, 6-10pm
Show will run through September 11, 2015

With their origins from India and Iran Nirmal Raja and Nina Ghanbarzadeh show will be held on Friday August 21, 6-11p at HINTERLAND, 3254 Walnut St, Denver 80205, CO. For additional information please contact Sabin Aell at 720.309.1764, or email.

Hailing from India and Iran respectively, Raja and Ghanbarzadeh are interested in themes of displacement, migration and cultural negotiation. An important component in these themes is language. Living between two cultures, they find themselves constantly translating and finding different ways of communicating. In their recent work, they explore different aspects of language- script as form, legibility and illegibility, communication and chaos and the relationship between drawing and writing. Through mixed media works that include unconventional materials, video installation, cut paper, wall stencils, prints and drawings, they ask these questions- Is communication possible beyond and outside of our conventional understanding of language?

What is the potential of text when it becomes non referential- like music, beyond specificity and context? What is lost in translation?