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Colorado- Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design and Artists’ Collaborative

Group Exhibition

Opening Night Friday January 2, from 6-10pm
Show will run from January 2 - January 30

Denver, Colorado- Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design and Artists’ Collaborative, a student club, are delighted to present Off Campus, a curated exhibition. Produced by RMCAD club president Dayana Ruiz and club faculty sponsor John McEnroe. The exhibition will be proudly hosted by Hinterland.

"This is a chance for students to feel what it is like to be practicing artist and to have critique from people outside the academic sphere" –Mitchell Campbell, RMCAD student, Fine Arts

“I want to be a part of this show, it’s what we do as artists” –Landon Brightwell, RMCAD student, Fine Arts

"Artists' Collaborative is a strong group of young art students from RMCAD that are reaching out. As a collaborative they seek community input, which is why having an exhibition outside the confines of campus is so important.  Off Campus will not be preaching to the art school choir, but part of a larger conversation.  I congratulate Artists' Collaborative for making a statement of freedom. It is exciting to watch! This will be their first tangible moment of who they will become as artists." -John McEnroe, Artist and Faculty Member

Off Campus will run from January 2 – Friday January 30. Hinterland Art Space is open Tuesday - Saturday 12-6pm, or by appointment.

Special thank you to Student Life, Hinterland Art Space and RMCAD, for supporting Artist’s Collaborative and the exhibition Off Campus .

For more information about Off Campus contact club president, Dayana Ruiz, or Student Life, or club faculty sponsor John McEnroe

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